Meet Oregon

Breed: Chihuahua
Gender: male
Size: tiny
Weight: 5 lbs
Birthday: August 9, 2015
Age: Adult, 7 years

About Oregon

Oregon was in a bad situation, and he and some other dogs were suffering from neglect. This tiny five pound Chihuahua is just adorable. He is sweet and sassy and he gets along well with other dogs. He adores head rubs and nearly purrs with delight when he is being cuddled. Ori has a micro-eye that requires no treatment–his wink only adds to his charm.

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Buddy Message:

Oregon sends lots of love to his buddies, Joe and Angie Kirschling from Madison, WI!

Oregon sends a big “thank you” and many tail wags to his buddy, Quinn Keslar-Herren from Brownsville, NE!

His buddy, Denise Marois-Wolf from Upton, MA, sent him this message:

“Oregon, you’re such an adorable pup we know you’ll be adopted soon. Meanwhile, we’ll be your buddy. The Wolf pack.”

Oregon sends his love and gratitude to the Wolf pack!