Meet Opal

Breed: Pit Bull Mix
Gender: female
Size: medium
Weight: 40 lbs
Birthday: March 10, 2016
Age: Adult, 7 years

About Opal

After our precious Opal had been used as a bait dog, she was given away to a person who had her chained to a tree 24/7 with no access to food or water. When she arrived at HUA she was skin and bones and covered in scars and scabs. One would think this dog would absolutely hate all humans, or at the very least not trust us. Nothing could be further from the truth. Opal is one of the sweetest, most loving, gentlest, affectionate dogs we have ever known. She is also very smart, and has already learned some basic commands. She is fascinated by these things the humans call “toys,” and she is always so happy to sort through the toy box, looking for her pick of the day. Opal is very fond of hugs and kisses and bestows them upon everyone with equal measure. We are just amazed with this beautiful dog, who has been through hell and back and still somehow manages to be grateful and trusting.

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Buddy Message:

Her buddy, Marla Ritchie from Overland Park, KS, sent her this message:

“Oh my precious Opal. Your story in the newsletter brought tears to my eyes. I hope with all my heart that your future is filled with nothing but kindness, love, joy and comfort. Seeing the photos of you at a healthy weight and playing with toys makes me so full of happiness. Forever your buddy, Marla”

Opal sends lots of hugs and kisses to Marla!

Her buddies, Jenny Valenzuela and family from Santa Barbara, CA, sent her this message:

“Opal I am so glad you are safe and loved at HUA!! I know you will be cherished as a family member very soon but until then keep being your sweet, loving self it has gotten you this far!! Sending lots of love from California Jenny, John, Ana, Caleb and Goliath”Opal sends her buddies lots of hugs and kisses!