Meet Nibbles

Gender: female
Size: small
Weight: 11
Birthday: December 4, 2008
Age: Senior, 14 years

About Nibbles

Nibbles came from a home where drug addicted members of a cult resided. We were told stories of horrific, unmentionable abuses toward the animals. We have never met a dog like Nibbles. She will only allow humans to touch her for a few brief seconds before she snarls and bites in terror. She does crazed dances that are strange and awkward. Sometimes, out of a deep sleep, she jolts awake, biting at the air as if she is being attacked. Despite how awful this sounds Nibbles is happy, in her own way. She has many lucid moments where she requests affection, although she can only tolerate accepting it for a very short time. She loves to gallop strangely around the office to view all of the happenings and she loves treat times. Her favorite treats are popcorn and little pieces of Mentos mints. Because Nibbles cannot be touched for more than a few moments without extreme reaction she will live life at the sanctuary where she can do things on her own terms. We will continue to help her fight off the demons that torment her lovely soul.