Meet Lucas H

Breed: Cattle Dog/Labrador Mix
Gender: male
Size: medium
Weight: 49 lbs
Birthday: January 15, 2022
Age: Young, 2 years

About Lucas H

Lucas was rescued from a shelter in California when massive flooding caused overcrowding.  Temporary space had to be made for newly displaced family dogs.  We don’t know anything about Lucas’ background before he was in that shelter but it is possible he may have suffered from some form of abuse or neglect.  He is a super sweet boy but he is lacking in confidence, and he can be timid with new people and in new situations.  He loves taking long walks with a person he trusts, and he is careful to stay very close in case there is something scary around the corner.  Lucas thrives on attention, which means he will sit still in his bath and during grooming (we think he may even like it). Even when he is unsure of a situation he is easy to handle–he just needs reassurance that all is safe and well.  Lucas gets along with most other dogs and he adores playing with his current roommate.  He has met children a few times and he appears to be fearful of them, so an adult-only home would be best for this precious guy.

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Buddy Message:

His buddy, Lynn Darcey from Winter Park, FL, sent him this message:

“Lucas H., I am happy you are with the HUA folks. That must have been terrifying to see rising water and find yourself with bunches of dogs crowded in one place. It sounds like you are getting a lot of reassurance that all is well now and you can get to know other dogs and other people as friends who care a lot about you. Keep working on that confidence-building. I am sure you will find a forever home soon!”

Lucas sends lots of love to Lynn!