Meet Luanna

Breed: Chihuahua
Gender: female
Size: small
Weight: 8 lbs
Birthday: October 19, 2017
Age: Young, 5 years

About Luanna

Luanna is one of dozens of Chihuahuas rescued from a horrific hoarding situation. Nearly all of these little ones were nearly feral when they arrived, having experienced no sense of order or affection in their lives. Luanna gave birth in an HUA foster home shortly after her arrival. Her babies were sweet, tiny little things and Luanna was a very good mama. The babies have been adopted, and now it is time for Lu to find her new family. She is still shy but she is very sweet. She and a few of the other mother Chis from the hoarder house have banded together to form a funny little gang. It would do Lu a world of good to have another small dog in her home to help with her confidence and trust.

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