Meet Lizzy

Breed: Chihuahua
Gender: female
Size: small
Weight: 10 lbs
Birthday: April 30, 2016
Age: Adult, 7 years

About Lizzy

Lizzy had a person whom she adored but her human mama passed away.  Both her human father and brother travel for their jobs so they had to find a place for Lizzy and her friend, Recie, to go to be safe. This adorable little Chi is as sweet as honey.  Nothing bothers her, she has no troubles  at all, everything just rolls off of her back.  Lizzy will take treats from the humans but only if she knows a good cuddle session is her reward.  Although she likes the other little dogs, humans are really her main focus and she always finds a person to follow until one of us caves and picks her up.  Once on a lap, Lizzy tucks her adorable little head under your chin as though that is where she knows she is safe.  She has everyone doting upon her and her new family will want to do the same.

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