Meet Lil Girl

Breed: Husky
Gender: female
Size: medium
Weight: 60
Birthday: May 11, 2017
Age: Young, 5 years

About Lil Girl

Lil Girl was rescued from a bad situation by a kind person, but that person worked full time and also went school, so there was no time to devote to this wonderful dog.  Lil Girl is hilarious.  She is goofy and playful and gives lots of hugs and kisses to anyone who asks.   She is inquisitive and curious, and wants to know everything that’s going on in her world.  She loves people, and gets along nicely with other dogs her size.  Lil Girl is just a really nice, silly, sweet and  loving dog.

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Buddy Message:

Lil Girl sends lots of happy tail wags to her buddies, Joe and Angie Kirschling from Madison, WI!

Her buddies from the Mohr family in Albuquerque, NM, sent her this message:

“You’re in our thoughts and prayers. It just gets better from here…just ask Jojo and Abby Poodle! All our love, The Mohr family”

Lil Girl sends the Mohrs lots of hugs and kisses!