Meet Lahti

Breed: Boxer
Gender: female
Size: medium
Weight: 46
Birthday: March 3, 2013
Age: Adult, 10 years

About Lahti

This sweet angel was found tied to the HUA mailbox one morning when a caregiver was arriving for the work day She was frightened and terribly dehydrated. After many bowls of cold, fresh water and lots of reassurances, Lahti realized that she was in a safe and good place. Her personality began to emerge as she made friends with other Boxers who knew how to play and run, and this lovely girl decided she was going to have some fun. Lahti is active, energetic, fun-loving, ever ready for outdoor adventures with her people. She enjoys walks, running, exploring the yards and car rides. She is a people-lover who thrives on attention from her human companions, including belly-rubs, which make her smile ear to ear in delight. This affectionate girl loves to get and give kisses but she is an adult only dog–something may have happened in her past to make her leery of children. Lahti is super sweet and mild mannered, but every once in a while she shows us a delightful silly side. She has also proven herself to be quite an acrobat–climbing fences is amusing to her, so Lahti will need a tall fence in a secure backyard.

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Buddy Message:

Her buddy, Kathi Sharp from Council Bluffs, IA, sent her this message:

“I want you to know if you need anything special, or help with health care, to let me know.”

Lahti sends Kathi sweet kisses and big hugs!

Her buddy, Sheri Shipp from Lincoln, NE, sent her this message:

“Lahti: I’m so glad that you were placed in the hands of the wonderful people at HUA. Now you will be well taken care of and given all the love you deserve. You have such a sweet face and I know that you will find your forever family and home very soon. Love Sherri Shipp”

Lahti sends Sheri lots of love and thanks her for her kind support!