Meet Jacob

Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Gender: male
Size: small
Weight: 8 lbs
Birthday: March 1, 2022
Age: Young, 1 years

About Jacob

Precious kitten Jacob was dumped on the HUA property.  It took some time for us to be able to trap the little fellow because he was very scared.  Soon after that, however, Jacob became very social and he is always the first cat to greet us when we enter the Cat Room.  If Jacob feels as though he is not receiving enough attention he rubs up against the human’s legs insistently to let us know he is waiting for some love.  Jacob is so sweet that he was recently chosen to be the main kitty at Nature Dog in Omaha.  He is having a great time playing amongst all of the toys and saying “hello” to the customers.  For such a rough start, this sweet boy has made gigantic strides are we are very proud of him.

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