Meet Huckleberry

Breed: Hound Mix
Gender: male
Size: large
Weight: 80 lbs
Birthday: October 4, 2019
Age: Young, 4 years

About Huckleberry

Huckleberry was brought to HUA from local animal control.  He is a big fun Hound Dog.  He loves to bay but in his case it is quite cute and not excessive.  We love hearing Huck sing.  He is easy going and friendly, has never had a bad day, and will happily go on a walk with anyone who wishes to take him on one.  Huckleberry was overweight when he arrived and it’s easy to see why–his hound nose is always to the ground searching for tasty treats.  The fact that he loves to gallop through the yards has helped with his weight loss plan. Huck loves squeaky toys but caregivers must supervise him or they will be de-stuffed in a hot minute.  He is a champion fetcher and would play that game all day long if he could. This cool dude does very well in playgroup, playing with his friends happily as he adores their company.  Huckleberry is a great dog and will integrate smoothly into family life.

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Buddy Message:

Huck sends hugs and kisses to his buddies, Joe and Angie Kirschling from Madison, WI!