Meet Haverford

Breed: Shih Tzu
Gender: male
Size: small
Weight: 11 lbs
Birthday: April 24, 2020
Age: Young, 3 years

About Haverford

Haverford and his three siblings were turned in to Animal Control, who called the local pound to announce that they had to “get out.” Each sibling was in worse shape than the first. They were matted, filthy, scared and clearly quite neglected. Haverford remains the shyest of this little group. He is still fear barking and attempting to avoid touch, but each day brings him a bit closer to trust. He is a most handsome boy with lovely different colored eyes.  Time and patience are what our sweet little boy needs.  We’re confident that once in his new home, Haverford will learn to trust and his Shih Tzu personality will begin to shine through.

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Buddy Message:

His buddy, Marilyn Duxbury from Lincoln, NE, sent him this message:

“What a handsome boy you are.”

Haverford sends hugs and kisses to Marilyn!

His buddy, Sylvia Newell from Lake Denton, MN, sent him this message:

“Hey fella…please let me be your friend…I can’t adopt you but I am glad you are going to be at Hua..they will love you and protect you..your friends Ollie and Libby”

Haverford sends happy tail wags to Sylvia and Ollie