I'm going home!

Meet George

Breed: Great Pyrenees
Gender: male
Size: giant
Weight: 135 lbs
Birthday: October 1, 2018
Age: Young, 5 years

About George

Oh George – we just love this gentle giant.  And GIANT he is.  George’s person left town and left this bundle of love behind.  George holds no grudges though, he is just thrilled to be making new friends at HUA.  This 135 pound beastie wants to be a lap dog.  The humans actually try to accommodate him because he is such a wonderful boy. George loves humans, other dogs, car rides, walking on his leash, getting his hair brushed…you name it, George loves it.  He recently attended an event where there were many people there to fawn all over him, which was adorable until we tried to get him to leave.  George needed to make sure that all of these folks who showed up specifically for him got the greetings they deserved.  This majestic dog is, simply put, amazing.

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