Meet Gabe

Gender: male
Size: small
Weight: 8
Birthday: January 1, 2011
Age: Senior, 13 years

About Gabe

Gabe is probably the most gorgeous Shih Tzu who ever came to the shelter. He is a charming little one who dances and plays, loves people, waits politely for his attention. He is so adorable that it is heart-wrenching to look at him knowing that he has a devastating genetic condition. Gabe is the product of a show breeder. He is missing part of his spinal cord, he has no tail, he is completely incontinent for both bowels and bladder. He is a genetic nightmare of the breeding world. At one time Gabe was rushed into emergency surgery for a prolapsed rectum — more complications from despicable breeding. Despite his physical limitations, Gabe is often taken along on field trips because he is so cute and well behaved. He loves attending fundraising events and is always the star of the show. This darling bouncing boy has no idea that he is not perfect. We will never, ever let him believe that he is anything but the best little fellow in the world.