Meet Darla

Breed: Flamepoint Siamese
Gender: female
Size: tiny
Weight: 4 lbs
Birthday: June 30, 2023
Age: Kitten, less than 1 year

About Darla

Darla came in with her mama and three siblings after living in a neglect situation. She is extremely affectionate–so much so that she starts meowing to beat the band when she hears the humans approaching. She shoves her siblings out of the way to get to us first, purring like a freight train.  If Darla is not immediately cuddled her purring becomes shouting to ensure we know she is available for hugs and kisses.  This little kitten is such a character and of course, she IS the first to get attention because she insists upon it. During cleaning time Darla must ride on the caregivers’ shoulders to ensure things are being done according to her standards.  Despite her demanding nature she is adored and cherished by all who know her.  We don’t really have a choice in the matter.

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