I'm going home!

Meet Cydney

Breed: Beagle
Gender: female
Size: medium
Weight: 30 lbs
Birthday: May 31, 2022
Age: Young, 1 years

About Cydney

This darling young lady was rescued from a terrible life of constant breeding.  Cydney is deliriously happy to have left all of that behind, and she is very grateful.  She is a sweet and adoring little girl who is learning about things like toys, doggy play group and walking on her leash.  We think her delightful Beagle woo-woos are music to our ears, as they show us that she is having a good time and that she is quite content.  Cydney does well with the other dogs, but we feed her the treats and meals separately since she LOVES her food so much that she becomes upset if she thinks she has to share.  This sweet and silly Beagle will bring a whole new flavor to her new family.

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