I'm going home!

Meet Creed

Breed: Boxer
Gender: male
Size: large
Weight: 88 lbs
Birthday: March 17, 2020
Age: Young, 4 years

About Creed

Creed had a family with children whom he adored.  The family was not able to properly care for him so he came to HUA, where he promptly wrapped everyone around his giant paw.  Creed is everything a Boxer should be–playful, loving, friendly, goofy, dramatic and if we’re being honest, a big baby.  He pouted for a full two days after being neutered.  Strangers would have thought he was knocking on death’s door with the drama.  His pity party worked, though.  Creed had endless visitors and all of the toys and treats he could ever want.  Creed gets along with other dogs and he positively glows when he is around humans.  He loves his toys and his bed and just about everything else.  We knows this because his body is nearly constantly in Boxer wiggle mode all the way down to his darling nub.  This is one irresistibly adorable dog who is sure to steal his new family members’ hearts by the time the car reaches the end of HUA’s driveway.

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