Meet Conan

Gender: male
Size: small
Weight: 11
Birthday: June 19, 2007
Age: Senior, 16 years

About Conan

Conan was rescued from a horrible puppy mill in Nebraska with five other little Yorkies, all of whom were in terrible shape. After a bath and a very long grooming session, Conan emerged as the most adorable little thing, full or smiles and thrilled to be with people who fawned all over him. But there was a big problem. Conan had severe back and neck injuries and required surgeries to give him even the smallest chance of ever walking normally. The surgeries were performed at the Kansas University Hospital, and Conan is mobile, but his gait is not steady and he is a long way from normal. However, he is a very active and busy little fellow and loves being outdoors exploring the big yards. He wants so badly to run and zoom like the others, but once he gets going he loses his balance and tumbles all over the place. It is a sight to see. Conan also has some problems with some of the other dogs, and if a disagreement breaks out he is sure to be in the middle of it. For these reasons, Conan will be staying at HUA as a Sanctuary Sweetheart. We don’t know what the future holds as far as his previous injuries and it’s best that he remains at the shelter for supervision. He is happy here at Hearts United for Animals, and he loves his caregivers and the volunteers very much. We will take care of him for the rest of his life, and make sure that he gets immediate medical intervention if that ever becomes necessary.
** I qualify for a therapeutic foster home.  If interested, please contact the HUA office at 402-274-3679.**