Meet Cleo

Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Gender: female
Size: tiny
Weight: 7 lbs
Birthday: October 1, 2021
Age: Young, 2 years

About Cleo

Cleo lived in a place with a bunch of other cats who were all left alone for weeks at a time. She arrived with four precious babies in tow.  She is a most devoted mama and a very sweet girl.  When Cleo went to the vet to be spayed she had to be separated from her babies for a short period of time all she wanted was for the caregivers to show her the kittens.  She needed to make sure they were doing alright without her.  Cleo is a mother to the other cats as well.  She often grooms them and treats them as her own. She is a gentle soul who has a need to take care of others and they go to her for comfort and reassurance.  We think Cleo is quite the special kitty and we all love her very much.

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