I'm going home!

Meet Christopher

Breed: Saint Bernard
Gender: male
Size: large
Weight: 90 lbs
Birthday: February 23, 2022
Age: Young, 2 years

About Christopher

Christopher was a victim of a bad breeding situation. He ended up at a veterinary clinic where, still just a baby, he was deemed a “dangerous dog.” We have very little information as to why Christoper was so devastatingly fearful of humans but we do know that something awful must have happened to make him so distrustful. It is not in a St. Bernard’s nature to lash out. This beautiful pup was definitely a work in progress. Caregivers and trainers had to take extra precautions because Chris is so large and strong. Little by little, he began to trust us, one person at a time. This majestic boy has worked so hard to overcome his fears, and now he is a giant, lovable, fuzzy bear who is happy as a clam. He attended an adoption event and he was a perfect angel. He loves other dogs and the wide open fields where he can roam all he wants. Riding in the car is one of his favorite activities. He is cuddly, friendly and super goofy. We are very proud of this boy for overcoming his terrible beginnings..

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