Meet Chicken Little

Breed: Maltese
Gender: male
Size: small
Weight: 8 lbs
Birthday: May 19, 2018
Age: Young, 5 years

About Chicken Little

Chicken Little was brought to HUA because he became very lap possessive in his home. He is so cute and cuddly, but he becomes very attached to one person, who he thinks he needs to protect at all costs. Chicken will sneak a nip at someone who attempts to interrupt his quality time with his person.  He seems to get along with some other dogs, but we have to assume that he may protest at sharing his person with another dog.   Chicken loves playing with toys and he takes treats nicely from the humans.  Chicken would adore being the center of his person’s world–that is what will make him the happiest little boy around.

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Buddy Message:

His buddy, Karinda Stoakes from Milton, VT, sent him this message:

“Miss Bea, another sweet little Maltese, originally from Omaha now in Vermont, hopes you find a happy home.”

Chicken Little sends lots of love to Karinda and Miss Bea!

His buddies, Kylee and Teresa from Ericson, NE, sent him this message:

“You are sooo cute, Chicken Little!  We hope you have fun cuddling and playing with your toys.  We hope you find your forever home!!
Love, Kylee and Teresa Smith”