Meet Callie

Breed: Jagdterrier
Gender: female
Size: small
Weight: 24 lbs
Birthday: May 18, 2017
Age: Adult, 7 years

About Callie

Callie came from a home, but her person passed away and nobody in the family was able to care her or her brother Jake.  This unique terrier is very high energy and highly intelligent, and needs space to run as well as daily walks.  Callie is smart and treat motivated, and she loves playing with toys.  She is very sweet with the humans but we think she needs to be the only dog in her new home.  We have not found another dog with whom she gets along, not even Jake who she previously lived with.  Callie would thrive in a home with active people who engage in lots of outside activities, and obedience/agility training would be something she would really enjoy.

“”Jagdterriers are bold, adventurous, and outgoing dogs,” says Corinne Wigfall, DVM, BVS, BVM, consulting veterinarian with SpiritDog Training. “They are bred for hunting and incredibly good at their job. A jagdterrier can run all day and not get tired.”

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