Meet Bubbs

Gender: male
Size: medium
Weight: 50 lbs
Birthday: April 27, 2021
Age: Young, 3 years

About Bubbs

Bubbs was a stray in a small town near the HUA shelter. He is a great dog. Bubbs was shy at first, but now he’s very affectionate with people and a good friend to the other pups. He loves zipping about in the big fields, and his long legs make him fast and elegant. Bubbs loves his toys and is even nice to kitties. He pays careful attention to whomever is talking about him with an adorable tilt of his handsome head. He may like to be his person’s running or hiking partner – having something to do is what makes Bubbs a happy boy.

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Buddy Message:

His buddy, Misty Swanson from Minneapolis, MN, sent him this message:

“Bubbs you are one smart doggie it sounds like. I know someone will adopt you soon and give you so much love. Until then, I would love to be your buddy.”

Bubbs sends Misty lots of hugs and kisses!