Meet Bozzy

Breed: Heinz 57
Gender: male
Size: medium
Weight: 56
Birthday: June 12, 2019
Age: Young, 4 years

About Bozzy

Adorable Bozzy was found running loose in a parking lot in Louisiana. His friend that was with him had been shot and killed. As if he had not been through enough, he tested positive for heartworm disease and hookworm after he arrived at HUA. This poor kid hated living under restrictions. He just wanted to get out and go. Now that he has been deemed healthy, Bozzy is ready to go to his new home. He is a wonderful pup. He wants human attention so badly that toys mean little to him, although he is very playful otherwise. Bozzy LOVES kids and has participated in our Kids United for Animals program.  He is a frequent visitor to a local college where he hangs out with students during midterms and final exams weeks, helping to ease the stress.  Bozzy has lovely manners and loves leash walks but we use a front click harness with him as he is so full of gusto. This sweet animal is a people pleaser through and through. We don’t know if Boz has ever had a family, but we do know that he will become a cherished member of his new one. He would like a canine sibling as well, but felines are out of the question for Bozzy!

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Buddy Message:

His buddies, Julie Cole and pup Lacey from Lincoln, NE, sent him this message:

“Wait for your perfect family that deserves your love. They are out there we know it….”

Bozzy sends hugs and kisses to Julie and Lacey!

His buddy, David Dudley from Valparaiso, NE, sent him this message:

“What a smile you have on that handsome face, Bozzy! I know you will make your
forever home a happy place full of smiles. HUA will help you find that lucky home.”

Bozzy sends David lots of love!