Meet Ana Luisa

Breed: Anatolian Shepherd Mix
Gender: female
Size: large
Weight: 66 lbs
Birthday: February 22, 2021
Age: Young, 3 years

About Ana Luisa

This beautiful Anatolian mix was found running down a highway by a kind person.  She brought Ana Luisa to HUA, but she was heartbroken to do so as Ana is the sweetest dog–she just did not get along with the other female dog in the rescuer’s home.  Everyone at HUA has had their hearts stolen by Ana.  She is loving, gentle, kind and a dream to walk on her leash.  She has the sweetest way of hugging the humans and she adores kisses and cuddles.  Ana participated in our Kids United for Animals program and she was a star student–she loved all of the attention and one-on-one training with her child trainer.  Ana is selective of of her dog friends, but she is loyal and playful with the ones she chooses.  She should not live with another female, however.  She lives with a male Anatolian and they are wonderful together, and her playdates with her Australian Shepherd friend are the highlight of her days.  Ana Luisa is a very special girl, and we are looking for an equally special family for her.

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