I'm going home!

Meet Alice

Breed: Australian Shepherd
Gender: female
Size: small
Weight: 25 lbs
Birthday: October 17, 2017
Age: Adult, 6 years

About Alice

On a summer day in Nebraska, when the heat index was 104 degrees, 44 Australian Shepherds were rescued from the horrors of life in a puppy mill.  Alice was among the sorrowful group.  We suspected that she was pregnant, and sure enough, within a few weeks, she gave birth to two healthy and fat babies.  Before having her puppies, Alice was bit shy but she was making great progress.  Those babies brought out the protectiveness in her, and Alice was a fierce protector.  She wanted absolutely nothing to do with the humans she had begun to like.  Now that Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum have grown up and been adopted, Alice is back to her sweet-natured self.  She is learning how to walk on her leash, and she is much more relaxed.  She loves the company of other dogs as they help with any lingering trust issues, so she would very much like to have a fuzzy sibling in her new home.

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Buddy Message:

Her buddies,  Kylee and Teresa Smith from Ericson, NE, sent her this message:

“Dear Alice,You are soooo cute and I love your smile!  I’m so glad I can be your buddy until you find your own family.  Kisses and hugs from Kylee and Teresa Smith”

Alice sends hugs and kisses to Kylee and Teresa!