I'm going home!

Meet Alethia and Eros

Breed: Chihuahua
Gender: female
Size: tiny
Weight: 5 lbs
Birthday: January 1, 2016
Age: Adult, 8 years

About Alethia and Eros

Alethia and Eros – two of the tiniest, cutest little toots ever. These two tiny ones were brought to HUA when their person was no longer able to properly care for them.  They’re wee little heartbreakers. Eros and Alethia are best friends and social butterflies. They love one another, all humans and big adventures. Eros is a lap dog who will hold up his front paws to be picked up for cuddles. Alethia is curious and loving. Her adorable bat ears go sky high when she is fact-finding, especially when she meets new dogs. These precious ones recently attended a de-stress event at Southeast Community College in Lincoln, NE,  to visit students during mid-terms. They were the life of the party. Alethia especially enjoyed donning her lovely dress and being carried around in a purse. They are SO cute and silly.  Although it will make it a bit more difficult to find them new homes, nobody can stomach the idea of separating these two little clowns, so we are asking that they be adopted together.

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