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Buddy Messages (3)
Her buddy, Lucky Quinlivan from Hill City, SD, send her this message:

"Lucky told me he would like to learn some 'pointer' tips. Lucky snuffles and wuff's at the geese, turkeys and deer that are in his yard, but doesn't quite know what to do about them. I, Lucky could use some 'pointers' from an experienced Pointer. As told to Jack Q. by Lucky Dog Q"

Sally sends her love to Lucky and his parents, Jack and Tricia Quinlivan!
Her buddy, Sara Cant from Chicago, IL, sent her this message:

"Hi Sally, we love your big smile and hope someone gets lucky enough to adopt you
real soon."

Sally sends lots of love to Sara!
Her buddies, Chuck and Lyn Mohr from Albuquerque, NM, sent her this message:

"You are such a cutie. You are in great hands. We hope and pray that you find a home soon. Chuck, Lyn, Jojo, Sarah, Abby, and Sugar."

Sally sends lots of love to Chuck, Lyn and all the HUA alums!