In the middle of a blizzard our friends in rescue with Animal Rescue League of Iowa saved the lives of over 40 dogs who were in the midst of terrible suffering. They lived outdoors with only two dilapidated sheds
and a filthy camper for shelter. The dogs were freezing, sick and terrified. They had rotten teeth and their matted fur was crawling with fleas. Seven of these pathetic creatures came to HUA for physical and emotional recovery. Dallas was very unsure around humans when she first arrived, but she has learned to trust those she knows. Tasty treats are how we won her over. She loves the company of other dogs and has followed their lead when it comes to learning the ropes and warming up to the humans that love her. Once Dallas is comfortable, she dances and prances the day away and then finds a sunny spot in her yard in which to bask. Dallas may need some patience and understanding in her new home, but we know a family of her own will give her the confidence she needs to be a truly happy and carefree dog.
Beagle Mix
I need a buddy!
25 lbs