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Miska had a home but her person moved to a place that did not allow dogs. She is a big, beautiful, loving girl who lights a room. Miska does great on her leash and is a super car rider despite her size. One of our favorite things about this lovely Malamute is her communication skills. She is quite the talker, and we always know how she's feeling. When she wants attention she makes the sweetest little mewing sounds, making it impossible not to respond to her with hugs and kisses. Miska loves soft squeaky toys and zooms with delight all around the big yards with them in her mouth. A good game of chase is high on her priority list but we must make certain that there is lots of affection when she tires out. Miska has never lived with another pup so we are not sure whether she would like that or not. We think she would probably be happiest as the "only child."
Alaskan Malamute
101 lbs