Dedicated to the relief of animal suffering

HUA, located in the beautiful rolling hills of Auburn, Nebraska, is a no-kill organization dedicated to relieving the suffering of domestic animals by providing quality shelter, sanctuary, and adoptions, and by promoting animal welfare issues. Our efforts have resulted in thousands of dog and cat adoptions since the year 1989.

Pup of the Month!

We recently received a call from a concerned citizen who had been told of two dogs living in a run down abandoned house. What we found when we arrived on the scene was gut wrenching. The house was destroyed on the inside on the outdoor pen was in absolute shambles. Apparently the owner of the home was admitted into a facility for health reasons and although a relative was supposed to be going around every few days to feed and water the dogs, after ten days of being left alone in the house they broke a window in order to escape. The cold was preferable to the stench and filth inside.

It was clear that these poor creatures were tormented. Their eyes pleaded for help. They were starved for affection, and they were begging us to save them. Our hearts ached. Ledger and Lilac and now safe and warm at HUA. They are overjoyed with their new living quarters, and they cannot get enough of the humans who adore and admire them. Given everything they had been through we did not expect them to be such outgoing and friendly pups, but they are a delightful pair. Ledger just wants the love. He soaks up affection like a sponge. Even during walks he must stop and hug his human every few minutes. He is a confident, joyful kid who positively prances his way through life.

Thank You to Our Amazing Partners