Homeward bound-adopted!

Zelda was rescued from the horrors of a putrid puppy mill along with some other beautiful Poms. The most bizarre and nearly tragic thing had happened to this beautiful darling. A piece of cartilage shattered and temporarily shut off the blood flow to half of her tiny body. The paralysis was, thank heavens, quick to dissipate, but Zelda was left with a front paw that is permanently bent. However, she is in no pain at all and it does not inhibit her from performing hilarious tricks and wild dances. Specialists at Iowa State University have advised that Zelda's strange medical phenomenon will not occur again, and otherwise she is in perfect health. Because it was necessary that Zelda receive round the clock care while she was recovering, we sent her to a wonderful foster home where she would have the best chance of recuperating as quickly as possible. The following words come straight from Foster Mom:

"Zelda is the belle of the ball with her beautiful merle coat and winning smile! She loves playing with soft toys and especially her sockie. She likes running around the house and sometimes does a tumble and roll but is quick to resume her course. She gets along well with other small dogs and at night you can find her cuddled with one of them in one of the dog beds when she’s not on the adult bed! She is 90 % paper trained and at times, enjoys rolling around and covering herself with the paper as if to say, “peek-a-boo.” She travels well in the car and when she has the front seat to herself will just sit or lay watching you. Zelda loves chowing down on her food, because she will let you know when it’s time to eat,and will let you know that she is done when she looks up at you and burps! But don’t sneeze around her or she’s off to find a safe distance from you. We guess she’s particular about germs!"

Although it is clear that she has been loved and adored in foster care, Zelda is ready to find a home to call her own. Applications will flood in, this we know. We aim to find her the most perfect of places to live out the rest of her glorious and blessed life.
6 lbs