HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Omaha, NE!

Wilda was rescued from a horrible puppy mill. Dogs there lived in mud up to their elbows. They had never been socialized and were terrified of human beings. Staff and volunteers worked relentlessly to help these poor creatures understand kindness and care. Still very young, this poor girl never had a chance to learn how to be a happy, silly puppy. When she first arrived at HUA she was extremely skittish and hid behind the other shepherds for comfort. She has made unbelievable strides with a lot of hard work and determination. Being leashed was not her thing for the longest time, and Wilda is still just a bit hesitant, but she has made tons of improvement. She is starting to lean into people for affection, and we are seeing her puppyhood emerge little by little. She loves playing in the pool and has discovered that toys are very fun things. Because she is treat motivated, Wilda--now that she's not so scared--is learning new things all the time. She adores the company of confident and easy going male dogs, so a brother that fits that bill will help her silliness come to light.
Homeward Bound
57 lbs