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HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Rockport, MO!

Darling Reggie's beloved person passed away. A family friend took him in because she adored him, but there were big dogs in the home that were not nice to Reggie. This little fellow is the total package. He loves other small dogs and every single person he meets. Toys are a big hit hit with Reggie, especially tennis balls. This crafty pup has trained the humans in the office to crawl under desks to fetch the toys he has hidden there. Once they are retrieved, Reggie tosses them right back under so that once again, we must crawl on the floor to do his bidding. He thinks this truly is the greatest game ever. Reggie adores going for walks on his leash and struts with his fluffy tail in the air as if he has not a care in the world. Fun-loving Reggie will bless his new home with a whole lot of fun.
Homeward Bound
9 lbs