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HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Nebraska City, NE!

Keifer was one of the very first victims of Hurricane Harvey that came to HUA when dogs in shelters in Texas had to move out to make room for displaced family dogs. This beautiful little man tested positive for heart worms and had to endure the long and often painful treatment needed to eradicate the disease. He was a sweet and gentle patient for those long weeks and now that he is finally healthy, Keifer is ready to party! He loves this life so much. He is a wonderful friend to the other dogs and human companionship makes him wild with delight. Because he is very fond of tasty treats, Keifer has learned that it behooves him to listen well when we ask him to do something. He is a nice, easy, darling dog that will transition quickly and happily into family living.
Homeward Bound
14 lbs