James Stewart

HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Topeka, KS!

Mother Daphne, a Hurricane Harvey survivor from Texas, gave birth to 6 bouncing baby boys in late November. Several rescue groups worked long and hard to help get Daphne and her brood to the safety of HUA when the puppies were only a few weeks old. Sweet Daphne did a wonderful job raising her little boys, and they are now ready to find their forever families. Judging from the size of their fat baby paws, we think these kids are going to grow into some awesome big dogs. People remark that their papa may have been a Bernese Mountain Dog, but of course we are not able to confirm that. What we can confirm is that they are silly, clumsy, loving, playful, snuggly puppies who have been cared for by humans who spoil and adore them. These sweethearts are ready to become cherished family members, and promise to bring lots of love and tons of fun in their new homes.

A full-grown estimated weight for James Stewart is about 50 pounds, but that is just an educated guess. James is the social butterfly of this precious bunch.
Homeward Bound
50 lbs