Homeward Bound - Adopted!

Now living happily in Detroit, MI

Cole came to us from one of the very worst puppy mills in the Midwest with a plethora of health issues. He was very skinny when he got here and we have been coaxing him to eat 2-3 meals a day to get some weight on him. He arrived with an ulcerated eye that requires medication twice a day, and the sweet little guy tolerates his drops like a champ. Cole's heart is not as healthy as it could be and he also takes medication for that. We believe he is almost totally deaf as well, but that doesn't keep our little Cole from responding to us in the sweetest of ways. He absolutely adores attention and his little rear end wiggles so fast when he knows we're coming that sometimes it knocks him right over. He clammers over us from lap to lap, making sure we all get to experience the wonder of Cole, as he hops and kisses and wiggles from one to another. We understand and accept that Cole might not be the right dog for just anyone. But we still think he deserves a chance at happiness and home. There's a perfect person out there for this awesome guy and we are bound and determined to find that person.
Cavalier King Charles
16 lbs