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HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Lincoln, NE!

Bernie was out on the streets all alone, either dumped or abandoned by people who were supposed to love him. He was so relieved to arrive at the HUA shelter where people were thrilled to meet him. This little terrier is such a fun-loving, carefree kid. Bernie loves attention from both humans and the other dogs. He is playful and sweet, just a really good boy. He has learned to walk very nicely on his leash and he has fun practicing in the agility room. What we have discovered about Bernie is that he does not like to be in a kennel. He is so polite and well-behaved that a crate should not be necessary, but Bernie would like his new family to know that he loves his freedom. The great little dog will be a fine match for just about any type of family, as long as there is plenty of love to go around.
Homeward Bound
15 lbs