HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Omaha, NE!

Bacardi was rescued by our friends at Second Chance Animal Rescue in Puerto Rico. SCAR director Bonnie says this case of neglect is among the worse she has ever seen in over 20 years of rescue. Bacardi and his brother, Don Q, were so severely filthy and matted that it was almost impossible to recognize them as dogs. After days of careful and constant grooming, Bacardi emerged looking like a Maltese. This little guy has been through so much. It is heartbreaking to know how long he must have suffered and what great pain he must have been in. The good news is the sweet, beautiful boy is forever safe now. Bacardi is mild, unassuming, and still a wee bit shy. All he wants is love but he has not yet learned to ask for it. He is not scared--just apprehensive. A few minutes in a lap does wonders for him. We think his light will shine bright once he has found his new family. He is treasure worth everything good to come his way.
Homeward Bound
9 lbs