Anna Banana

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HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Papillion, NE!

Anna Banana was tossed out like trash. We don't know why, but this tiniest of precious creatures was found out on her own in a small town. When she came to HUA her skin was terribly damaged and had a foul odor to it. We knew Anna was not only confused and scared, but in pain. Through it all, this sweet angel showed us nothing but joy. She is a strong little thing with a great will to live. Medicated baths have greatly improved Anna Banana's skin condition, and she is a carefree girl who loves being outdoors until she poops herself out, then it's time for a lap or a snuggle in her favorite bed. Anna loves walks on her leash, and her adoration for humans is unsurpassed. She will be a wonderful little lap dog for some very lucky person.
Homeward Bound
7 lbs