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HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Omaha, NE!

Carlos, also known as Wonder Bread and Football, is a round little Chihuahua with a heart of gold. This adorable little potato is everyone's best buddy. He is a happy, cuddly, waggy people-pleaser. Carlos was the last dog left with a rescuer who was not able to continue the operation. Before that we don't know about his life but if it was not good, Carlos emerged unscathed. He lives in the office with other little dogs and gets along with all of them until somebody challenges him. Then he is SO sure that he can handle anything. It is hilarious. Carlos will side up to that naughty dog to enforce his will. After that he holds a grudge for a little while. What a character this one is. Carlos is so sweet and amicable that visitors staying at the HUA guest house often bring him to spend the night with them. It doesn't hurt that he is quiet, housebroken and good on his leash! This funny fellow will bring lots of love and laughter to his new family.
Homeward Bound
11 lbs