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Noah Wild

Check out our new partner Noah Wild - perfect for animal loving kids! Noah Wild is a brand that engages kids and lets them realize that they truly can make a difference in the world. And with something they care about - animals.

Noah offers a premium line of Noah Wild products that kids can wear, watch, read and use. For every purchase, kids can decide which of 5 animal charities will receive a percentage of the purchase price.

Just make sure you choose HUA at check out!

The Noah Wild website lets kids watch videos, sign up for updates, get friends involved, and best of all, kids can shop to help animals!

Help kids make a difference, while helping HUA at the same time! Proceeds from the purchase of Noah Wild merchandise go directly to HUA when you choose our organization at check out.

Also check out Noah's blog, where everyday there is something new about animals for parents and kids alike!

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