Homeward Bound! - Adopted!

Happily living in Lincoln, NE

Timmy lost him home due to the horrible storms in Joplin, Missouri at the end of last summer. We think he may have been a tad spoiled at one time, as he tells us point blank that he does NOT WANT to be in a kennel or a playpen and has decided that he is going to spend his time in our sunporch. We have other dogs that live in the porch, but they have been at the shelter for a long time and need extra socialization. Timmy does not need help in the socializing department. Quite the opposite, in fact. He is a spunky, funny little guy with a sparkling personality. He does not know that he is a little up there in years. He thinks he is a young sprite with his entire life ahead of him and who are we to tell him differently? Tim has to take medication for a minor heart condition, but this slows him down none at all. We pray that Timmy will find his new home soon; that some special person will recognize him for the prize he is and love him to pieces forever and ever.
Yorkshire Terrier
7 lbs