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HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Wichita, KS!

Kiyomi was rescued from a horrible puppy mill in Nebraska. That place nearly broke her spirit. Kiyomi came to us with a mouth full of infection that was causing the dear girl horrific pain. She had several ovarian cysts which were also terribly painful. Although Shibas are known to have "spirited boldness, a good nature, and unaffected forthrightness," that does not quite describe Kiyomi. She is very sweet, but also timid and unsure. She enjoys roaming the hallways and mingling with her dog friends, but it takes her some time to warm up to new people. Occasionally, Kiyomi will meet a visitor that she thinks is nice and she will shyly flirt, batting her beautiful eyelashes and gently kissing fingertips. We are joyful when we see this little angel showing some happiness. A quiet home without much activity would be perfect for our precious fox-like angel.
Homeward Bound
15 lbs