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HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Waverly, NE!

A smaller rescue organization reached out to HUA for help with Carlie. She had heart worm disease, and limited resources meant that the shelter in which she was staying would be forced to euthanize her. Carlie did not enjoy the long and arduous heart worm treatment--which included very limited activity--at all. She is a young, sassy, energetic girl who was so jealous watching her friends run and play in the yards. But now all of that awful business is behind her and Carlie can play to her heart's content. She absolutely radiates joy and happiness as she lets her inner puppy free. She adores her roommate and her smile is constant. Her tail wags a mile a minute. Typical of a Husky, Carlie loves to "talk" to her dog and human pals. She loves her toys, tummy rubs, leash walks, and treats. This gorgeous girl will be overjoyed to find her new home.
Homeward Bound
39 lbs