HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Omaha, NE!

Camry had an interesting beginning in life. She was taken from a farm home where she was one of a litter of puppies and put in a back yard to live by herself. This was too much of a shock, of course, leaving her mother and siblings. Camry climbed the fence and was not found again by the people who had taken her. In fact, she went around the neighborhood scavenging for food for four months until she was coaxed to safety by a long-time volunteer of the shelter. When Camry came to HUA, she was kept close to human companionship in the main shelter building until she became comfortable. When she moved to a villa apartment where she could have a big yard, she at first climbed that fence and came back to join her old friends at the main building. Since that time, Camry has become very happy with her living arrangements. She is still a quiet, polite dog but is learning to tune in very well with people, especially the people she knows and trusts. She prefers to be an only dog. She is, no doubt, very smart and capable and would absolutely thrive with the love and security of her own family.
Homeward Bound
37 lbs