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Sweet Elsie came to the HUA shelter from a family who did not have the time it takes to properly handle an energetic dog. We are so proud of the strides she has made thanks to the dedication of some big hearted volunteers who took the time to work with her. Elsie needed guidance with manners such as walking on her leash and obeying commands. She now proudly sits when asked, loves to take walks, and covers our faces in grateful kisses when she is praised for her good deeds. She is a people pleaser which has made training go smoothly. When Elsie goes out into the big yards she runs like the wind and her smile is big and bright. She is very loving and, like any high energy dog, needs exercise to keep her fit and happy. Elsie will be a wonderfully devoted companion to her family and she will be forever grateful to have a home of her own.
Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix
51 lbs