HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Lincoln, NE!

Lester and his brother, Luverne, were rescued from a severe hoarding situation. Because there were so many animals involved, neither boy was properly socialized and they were nearly feral when they arrived at HUA. They were both terrified and wanted nothing to do with getting to know us, let alone being touched or loved. Because we understand this behavior and know it all too well, we were able to win the boys over in a fairly short period of time and now they are two of the silliest little guys on campus. Lester flashes huge toothy grins when he gets excited which causes much praise and laughter. He is a tiny bit slow to warm up still, but once he does you are friends for life. He loves playing with his brother and the other little dogs. We're pretty sure Lester has some cute tricks up his sleeve and expect to see him breaking out some major Chihuahua dance moves any day now.
Homeward Bound
14 lbs