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Homeward Bound - Adopted!

Now living happily in Tecumseh, Nebraska

Grover is one of Catherine's cute puppies! Catherine was found out wandering. She was abandoned, starving and left to die. Kind people found her and tried to nurse her back to health but they realized quickly she needed urgent care. When they called Hearts United for Animals for help they said that Catherine had not kept down food or water for at least five days. She was skin and bones. When she arrived at the HUA veterinarian’s office they said she was at least 30 pounds underweight. She was treated for parasites and slowly reintroduced to food. As she was still struggling with gastrointestinal issues and making frequent trips back to the veterinarian’s office for more tests, it was discovered that she was also pregnant. That was a terrible diagnosis for a girl who was skin and bones and still having trouble eating, but HUA staff members did everything they could to keep her going. She was moved to a foster home for round the clock care.

Despite all odds, Catherine gave birth to a litter of fat, happy, healthy puppies. These babies have been raised on campus in foster care, and are spoiled to pieces. They are all extremely well socialized by the old and the young and everyone in between. Because we do not know the identity of Catherine's babies daddy, we are taking a wild guess on their projected adult weights. Could be 50, could be 150, so we certainly cannot offer any guarantees! Grover is a wild man. He is the silliest of the bunch and never misses an opportunity to play. He has frequent bouts of the Zoomies and takes crazy puppy-ness to a new level.
Labrador Mix
75 lbs