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HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Riverton, IA!

Clifford was abandoned by his family. He was discovered chained to his dog house. A lot of patience, kind words, and tasty treats were needed before he would let us approach him. It was obvious that his heart had been broken and his trust in humans greatly diminished. Clifford is now a carefree and happy boy. He gets along well with the dogs and will run and play for miles on end when he's out during recess in the yards. Once he tires out his first aim is to get hugs and cuddles from the people. He loves the water--so much so that he will dunk his face under the hose before his pool is filled. Clifford knows some basic commands and is learning not to pull on his leash. He's making great strides there but he gets so excited on his fun walks that it can be hard for him to slow down. He is a people pleaser, though, so he is trying his best. This beautiful red dog would love a home to call his own.
Homeward Bound
48 lbs