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HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Chicago, IL!

Willis was rescued from a horrible puppy mill. Dogs there lived in mud up to their elbows. They had never been socialized and were terrified of human beings. Staff and volunteers worked relentlessly to help these poor creatures understand kindness and care. When we first started working with him he was very hesitant to be leashed. It was heartbreaking when he would finally just surrender and sink to the ground. It did not take long for this beautiful boy to realize that something good had happened, and Willis began to perk up during visits with patient, loving volunteers. Now he is super happy to see visitors and has become a friendly, almost "normal", dog. He can be shy about being touched but is making steady progress, and will approach for affection when he wants it. Willis loves the company of other dogs and finds great comfort in their presence. He is a gentle, sweet soul that is ready to become a cherished family member.
Homeward Bound
73 lbs